Publication order

"Innovative Electronic Bulletin" journal accepts authentic scientific results (reviews and urgent articles, brief scientific reports) for publishing.

The published materials, and also materials provided for the publication in other journals are not admitted to examination.

Any article is to be provided in soft copy at the following URL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

The authors are sent notifications on the acceptance of the article for publishing within five days after accession of the manuscript.

The article becomes available for studying to any website visitor in free access in case of the publication.


Publication requirements

The list of required data:

- UDC (Universal Decimal Classification);

- direction of the publication;

- Last name, First name, Patronymic of the author (authors)

- detailed information about the author (s): academic degree, academic rank, position, place of employment (organization);

- phone number, e-mail address;

- abstract (2-3 sentences) and key words (3-4) to the article;

- article content;

- reference list;

An article altogether with drawings, summary, tables and a reference list is supposed to have the amount of at least 4 pages of the A4 size.

Contents are to be compiled in Microsoft Word text editor in the *.doc format:

- page margins: 2,5 cm each;

- body-type: Times New Roman, font size – 14;

- line spacing: one-and-a-half.

Drawings shall be inserted into article with at least 300 dpi resolution. Tabular material shall be provided without scanning use. Formulas contained in the article are placed in the text with the use of Microsoft Equation or MathType formula editors. All the drawings, tables, schedules and diagrams shall be named and numbered according to their mentioning order in the text.

The reference list ought to be provided at the end of the article according to the sequence of references in the text. Execution of references shall be carried out according to the state standard (GOST R 7.0.5-2008).

Links to primary sources are enclosed in square brackets with the indication of number from the reference list. Interlinear references are not allowed.

The author's (authors') name, detailed data on the author (authors), telephone number, e-mail address shall be specified in the questionnaire of the participant and sent together with the article.

Minimum content amount – 4 pages. Maximum content amount – 20 pages.

Non-compliance with the rules is considered to be the reason for refusal to publish.